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It's time for me to start doing writing exercises again. I'm feeling better than I have in months, and my creative energy is calling me back into action. This is actually quite exciting. ^^

100-Word Drabbles
I've decided to do 100-word drabbles to brainstorm and practice fine-tuning what I'm trying to say. My current goal right now is to complete at least five drabbles per week, and at least twenty-five total drabbles before I move on. I have a spreadsheet to store my subject words, where a number is assigned to each, then I'll be using a random number generator to pick which word I work on next...

The subject for these drabbles is simply going to be FF7. Anything from any of the games, movie, or time periods is open for me to drabble about. I will warn everyone that I tend to focus on the following characters: Reno, Rufus, Cloud, Vincent, and Rude, with rarer appearances from the rest of the gang. I'm not limiting myself to a narrow theme or maturity rating. Basically, I'm just letting myself be open to whatever the subject word inspires in my imagination.

Word List
Rather than use one of the pre-made word lists out there, I took my chances with a random word generator, and the help of my awesome friend Khamryn, who was gracious enough to suggest the majority of the words on my list. I don't want to select any words myself, because I don't want any preconceived bias creeping into my brainstorming. If anyone else would like to suggest a word, feel free, and I'll tack it onto my list. Please make it a general word, that isn't anything FF7 specific (i.e. "danger" rather than "Sephiroth").

Because of the way that I'm selecting words from my list, I may not get to them all, or maybe I will, if I'm enjoying the project. We'll see how it goes.

For those interested, peek behind the cut to see the current wordlist. I will be updating this as words are added. Once added, a word is never removed. There is no word listed for one, because I have a heading there in my spreadsheet.

Specific Word List )

Progress, Posting, and Comments
I'm going to refrain from posting any of these until I've completed them in groups of five. I welcome comments and any kind of nerdy craft discussion, as well as constructive criticism.

Part 1
13. asphyxiation
02. absolution
41. seduction
53. surrender
21. juggle

Part 2
64. princess
34. bitten
35. hard
43. slide
04. euphoria

Part 3
57. stolen
61. legato
17. obliteration
20. brainwashing
49. beloved

Part 4
46. bounce
54. prepared
56. pound
48. breathless
05. fondue

Part 5
33. tongue
50. pleading
40. possession
44. yearn
12. finale

I will continue to update this post when sets and words are completed.

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