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This journal contains friends-only personal entries, public fanfiction entries, and original fiction entries. It is a drama-free friending zone. Feel free to friend/sub or de-friend/de-sub me as you see fit. Also, see this post for my list of friends-only filters.

[Who I Am]
I'm a serious writer who also enjoys: fun games, dancing at clubs, good food, and the company of good friends. I also take my silliness very seriously. ;)

[Why I'm Here]
I join sites like DW to make some writing friends and to chat about my interests, which are all over the place (see interest links below). I welcome random comments, emails, private messages, and adds.

I would like to meet people who (fit any number of the following): are respectful of differing opinions, are not quick to judge, post about their personal lives, have mostly friend-locked posts, are FF7 fans, love gaming of all types, like to comment on relevant posts, are writers, are respectful of privacy and locked posts, and/or are open-minded and friendly.

I'm not a fan of signal boosting, or excessive pic, link, or video spam. I get plenty of that from the rest of the web. XD

[Index of Written Stuff]

Most of my fanfic and original drabbles are public. Check out this post for various completed works, and also a current project listing. You can also find my fanfic work at FanFiction.Net. I love and appreciate reviews, comments, and constructive criticism! If you like something, let me know. <3

[My Communities]

For better or worse, I've decided to create and moderate several communities based on my interests. I hope that these communities bring enjoyment to others as well.

[Writing Communities]
[community profile] fiction - For fiction writers to post their finished and in-progress original work.
[community profile] fiction_drabbles - A 100-Word challenge community for fiction writers.
[community profile] writers - For writers to discuss the craft of writing.

[Final Fantasy 7 Communities]
[community profile] ff7_drabbles - A freeform FF7 drabble community.
[community profile] ff7_fanfiction - For FF7 fanfiction writers. All styles and ratings welcome!
[community profile] renoru - A FF7 fan community for the Reno/Rufus pairing.
[community profile] renocloud - A FF7 fan community for the Reno/Cloud pairing.

[Final Fantasy 13 Communities]
[community profile] ff13_drabbles - A FF13 drabble community.
[community profile] ff13_fanfiction - For FF13 fanfiction writers. All styles and ratings welcome!

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