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This journal contains a lot of personal, friends only posts in addition to my public writing projects.

Feel free to introduce yourself and say hello, or add me to your friends list. ^^

List of Current Filters
Here's my current list of available filters. Friends can reply here or PM me for access (or to be removed from them). Note: People who subscribe-only do not have access to any of these filters.

Personal - My personal posts go under this filter. Lots of "real life" details, writing adventures and struggles, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and most of the things that reside in my head-space are here. If you can't handle being respectful of my private space, this filter isn't for you.

Japanese Learning Journal - I'm learning Japanese and am using this journal to practice and make observations (be they right or wrong) about what I've learned. Constructive advice, corrections, and discussion are welcome on any posts in this filter. My learning is currently on hiatus, and posts are currently archived. Leaving this filter for posterity though -- I'm likely to start up again once my brain goes into learning mode again. (This filter is outdated.)

Paperkey RP - I have a filter for anything specifically related to this RP. I'm currently playing Reno from FF7. This RPG is pretty much dead at the moment, but who knows if it will ever pick up again. I may consider removing this filter soon. (This filter is outdated.)

Index of Written Stuff
I used to have this in my profile, but lately, I've been thinking that this old stuff needs to take a backseat, or maybe needs to look less messy. Anyway, putting it here until further notice!

[Completed Original Poetry]

Published: 02/07/2007
Words: 52
Link: Click here to read.

[Completed FanFiction]

Loyalty Runs Deep
Published: 08/25/2010
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Pairing: Rufus/Tseng
Words: 1900
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Implied M/M.
Summary: During a routine business deal, Rufus discovers that Tseng is willing to do a lot more than his actual job description.
Link: here

Unusual Mission
Published: 11/25/2009
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Characters: Cloud, Zack
Words: ~1200
Rating: PG
Summary: Zack is called upon to take care of an unusual situation. Will Cloud decide to help him out?
Link: here

Published: 11/21/2009
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Characters: Reno, Rufus
Words: ~800
Rating: PG
Summary: After observing the Vice President playing the same mind game with Midgar citizens all day, Reno decides to suggest an alternate activity.
Link: here

Published: 11/18/2009
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Pairing: Reno/Cloud
Words: ~600
Rating: PG
Summary: Cloud wonders why Reno never talks about his family, and learns something important about their relationship instead. "Warm and Fuzzy" alert!
Link: here

Published: 01/06/2007-04/15/2007
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Access to this work has been removed.

25 Drabbles
Published: 01/08/2008-2/10/2008
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Access to this work has been removed.

[Current FanFic Projects]

Headlights Off
Published: 12/09/2009-?
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Characters: Reno, Rude
Words: In-Progress, ~5700
Rating/Warnings: R, Violence, Language, Adult Themes
Summary: Post-Crisis Core, Turk-Centric. A mysterious attack sends Reno and Rude on a mission to discover the truth about what's happening to their organization.
Chapters: one - two - three

[Current Drabble Projects]

Tagged 100-Word Drabbles: FF7
Published: 05/05/2009-Present
Updated: 08/01/2011
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Drabble Count: 15
Warnings: Violence, Adult Themes
Summary: Click here to read my ongoing list of FF7 drabbles stored here on DW. You can also sort by character (see below).
Character Sort: Barret, Cloud, Jenova, Lucrecia, Marlene, Reno, Rude, Tifa, Vincent. (Note: This character sort includes all my older FF7 drabbles as well.)

Tagged 100-Word Drabbles: Original Fiction
Published: 05/10/2009-Present
Updated: 08/09/2011
Genre: Original Fiction
Drabble Count: 15
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Click here to read my ongoing list of original fiction drabbles stored here on DW.

[Current Flash Fiction Projects]

Tagged Flash Fiction: Original Fiction
Published: 07/07/2010-Present
Updated: 07/07/2010
Genre: Original Fiction
Flash Fic Count: 1
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Click here to read my ongoing list of original flash fiction stored here on DW.

[Future Projects]
To Be Determined...

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