sterling: (Sephiroth - Creativity)
Sterling ([personal profile] sterling) wrote2011-08-09 04:54 am
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Title: Revenge
Original Fiction
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Violence.
Prompt: #114 - Value (for [community profile] fiction_drabbles)

"Hurry," he whispered directly to her mind. "Destroy me."

There was no way she could further protest his wishes; time was running out. A decision had to be made. And fast.

"Don't let our efforts be wasted," he said. His desperate mental scream forced her to action. "Please!"

She plunged the stake into his heart and fell to her knees. As his ashes settled onto her like a coating of freshly fallen snow, she felt the emptiness of his absence for the first time. A quiet whimper escaped her trembling lips.

Nothing mattered anymore, not even revenge.

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